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Butterflies Are Free And So Are We!

I am sitting at my computer, in my kitchen, by the back door. As I look out on the garden I see a beautiful yellow butterfly fly through. I am thinking how free that butterfly is and how amazing that it is so graceful in its flight. I associate butterflies with Spring because that is when I see them the most in my gardens. I associate Spring with the freedom to grow and blossom. I am grateful for this time of year and all the joy it brings me. My garden is filled with herbs and vegetables, bushes and trees, and flowers, flowers, flowers. It is so glorious! I relate this to my life and my living according to the Wheel of the Year (seasonal cycles) and know that this is a time of growing and blossoming for me. It is a time, where just like that yellow butterfly, I am free to soar. I am free to plant new projects, create my new business, I am free to grow and blossom taking all that I have learned and experienced and making that the food that nourishes my growth. One of the creative projects that I am free to pursue is my Authentic-Goddess business. In this I am free to pursue my hearts passion. I am free to Encourage Women To Empower Themselves. I am free to express the truth that I know deep within that women of a certain age are amazing, beautiful, unique, and powerful human beings! I know that the Goddess in Me is also the Goddess in them and I yearn for them to know this, too. My desire is to see women come to know the divine feminine within and to use that to change our world! What a world we would have if every woman connected to and could totally feel the Goddess in Her. Spring is a time of abundant creativity! I am free to create in other ways, too. Drawing has never been something I do but this Spring I have been drawing up a storm. As soon as I am done I will post my work ‘The Goddess In Me’. I am so happy with the way She is turning out and I want to share that with you. I am also creating a pencil-work of my Magickal Doorways. Those are going to be beautiful and speak to portals into living the life of my and your dreams! I have created other projects, too. I find that I love making collages with a theme and my Minerva (Goddess of Wisdom) Protection/Manifestation Shield is filled with a powerful energy that encourages me to pursue my own dreams relatively fearlessly!

I am free to do all of this and more and so are you! Let Spring fill you with it’s sparkling energy! Let it fill you with ideas, creativity, and the inspiration to set whatever you desire to do in motion! Let Spring help you to stretch beyond your current limitations to grow and meet, fulfill, and surpass your potential! Spring is all about thriving! So I challenge you to Blossom, Grow, Stretch, Thrive! Let this Spring be the beginning of living your dream-life!

Go, Be, Do, and of course SPARKLE!


My Minerva Protection/Manifestation Shield

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