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What’s stirring in the cauldron today?


What am I creating today? What do I have stirring in my cauldron today? A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a pinch of something and a dram of another… Let’s get this day brewing!

Preparing for a ritual workshop for Enchanted Rose Moon Circle’s initiates involves putting together a whole recipe of things, stirring it in a cauldron and hopefully coming up with an interesting way of teaching such a beautiful part of our spirituality. Why ritual? How do we do this? What components do we bring into our rituals?  How can we express what we want to say and experience in our rituals? All of this and more is what I/we strive to teach when teaching ritual.

Who will I go to for help in teaching this? What wise Goddess can really help me with this? Will it be Hekate with all her shadowy wisdom? … or Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel? … maybe Minerva, Goddess of wisdom? or Venus, Mother Goddess of Love? Why not all of these amazing women? Does each Goddess not hold something that will add to our celebration. Do we not need love and wisdom in our rite. What about knowledge of the wheel of life? Even a knowledge of the message behind everything. We need all of this and more. Most of all we need to speak to the divine spark inside of ourselves through words, symbols, fragrance, sounds, feelings, and movement.

My desire is to share all that ritual means and to stir the cauldron of knowledge, mystery, and wisdom so that we can all experience growth and transformation from each ritual from the most simple to the elaborate and everything in between!

As much of this has asked questions, why not ask yourself these questions and see how you would answer them? What does ritual mean to you and how are you affected by it? Is it a celebration? Is it something you love or something you avoid? How can you make the most of ritual in your life? The questions can go on and on and on…

Keep in mind even a birthday celebration is a ritual. Did you know that we include rituals in every day of our life? The way you approach your washing up and getting ready for the day is a ritual. So rituals are not just religious.

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on the topic of rituals here!


Accessing The Energy Power, And Wisdom Of The Goddess In Me



I have been struggling with writing marketing copy recently and being me I want everything just perfect. Well, guess what?! That has definitely not been the case! I have even gotten to the point of wanting to pull my hair out. I am sure there are some obsessive compulsive perfectionists out there who can totally understand where I am at.

I have gone from feeling like Nimue, wanting to throw that perfect childish fit to maybe Kali, Durga, or Sekhmet wanting to destroy everything and start over. Anybody understand this? Not a good thing in this instance!

Even now that I have taken a bit of time to distance myself from this I ask myself if what I am going through is actually worth all this torment. So as I write this I am speaking to The Goddess In Me and asking Her opinion. My answer from Her is an unequivocal Yes!  She says that stretching myself sometimes hurts and is sometimes extremely frustrating. I am really making that teenage face at Her now, kind of like Kore might have made at Demeter as She wanted to free herself of Mama’s constraints.

Once more, I reach into my Goddess self and call on Mom! You know I could use a little nurturing right now. Maybe a hug or a bit of a pat on the back, just a little comfort if you get my meaning. Then Mom says, “Okay, we can do that but I need to tell you that you are still going to have to create that flyer! (Just like a Mother) And you know what, it does not have to be perfect!” Then I can feel Her soothing energy flow inside me and I am beginning to feel like I can actually overcome my perfectionist self!

After talking to Mama Goddess, I move on now to the Crone, to the wise and elegant Grandmother Goddess. I ask Her for some wisdom and advice on creating my flyer and how best to express the benefits of my Goddess circles to the women who will read it. Her answer is “take the advice of your Mastermind group and use it if it feels right to you. Use your feelings and express those in a creative way. Most of all use your connection to me and allow me to speak through you!”  And like many Grandmothers she gave a bit of personal advice, “you may not want to pull your hair out, at your age it might not grow back!” I think, gee thanks! Haha!

Now that I have accessed three of the major aspects of the Goddess I will go back to my flyer and look at it with a lighter heart.  I will not expect perfection and I definitely will not tear out my hair! I will say a big Thank You to my inner Goddess for helping through a minor crisis as She always does.


Until the next time, dear Goddess,

Blessed Be!


The Goddess as Creatrix


Who is this Goddess that I and many others call the Creatrix? The pat answer would be that She is the Goddess who created everything in the Universe from Herself. What makes Her different from other Goddesses? She is the Goddess who goes by many names including Gaia, Mother Earth, Star Goddess and Her aspect is associated with creation, not love, not fertility, prosperity, or even death. She is the Goddess who brings things into being!

When I look around me at the sky, the earth, the ocean, the trees (and on and on) I see the manifestations of Her work all around me. The energy that all of these carry is Her energy and She is in each of Her works. She is also in each and every human that walks this planet and those that have gone before and will come in the future. We carry Her divine and creative spark in us.

As women we all have or have had the possibility to create life (human) from ourselves. Women are also creators of many other things. We create businesses, artwork, music, communities, gardens, homes, rituals, etc. We also create ourselves! We create, with Goddess help, our lives. We are quite literally co-creatrixes with the Goddess. We plant the seeds of who we want to be and then we feed and nurture that self. The feeding and nurturing ourselves causes growth to happen and as with most growth there is a time of harvest, of reaping the rewards of our work. After our harvest we might prune and release certain aspects of ourselves and that is a kind of death. We are continually cycling, just as the moon does, into a rebirth where once again we plant seed, feed and nurture, grow, and harvest. Our connection to the Creatrix that is within us enables us to cause all of this. She who is ever-present in our lives is there to provide the spark of life (of creation) in us if we choose to reach into our cores and access Her power.

In many women’s circles we say “Thou art Goddess” recognizing that She is within each and every woman. Yes, She is also without but more importantly for each of us She is in us! With this blog I will begin my Love Letters To The Goddess blogs and my Teachings of the Goddess blogs as well. Love Letters will pour out my deepest feelings from my heart to Her. Teaching will share what I have learned from Her. I will also begin to share about other aspects of the Goddess for She has many and many names for each aspect.

Come along with me on this journey to the Goddess in all Her forms. Learn how to access Her knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and power. Come and co-create your best authentic self! Create a magickal doorway into a new life with a beautiful purpose that you tailor for yourself. Step through that doorway into your authentic Goddess nature!

Learn, Grow, and Sparkle! Do it for yourself!

Go to for more information and for events.

A Few Small Changes Can Make All The Difference!

Recently I listened to a great interview with an expert on Feng Shui. What I learned spurred me on to make a couple of small changes in my living room.  Now, those changes were few and many would consider them small but for me one change in particular was not so small. I had to let go of two pieces of furniture that were my grandmothers and that I had held onto for years. This was not easy! Even realizing that by keeping them I was blocking my front door somewhat and decreasing the energy flow in my living room. In essence, creating a block. These two units also held some art that I had no idea where to put once the units were gone.

Well, I did it! I let them go and found a place for what I really loved. We also made a couple of other changes. We hung our TV on the wall. I bought a new round coffee table and we moved a rug from one room into the Living Room. I also made the entryway look beautiful with some gorgeous fresh flowers in a beautiful vase. I did all this after really cleaning the room and everything that was in it. You know, Spring Cleaning!

When this was done I stepped back and took it all in. Wow!!! My Living Room was transformed. What was, brief moments ago, cluttered, not real attractive, and stuck in energy was absolutely transformed. It was pulled together in a way that says sit, relax, enjoy! My Living Room was a thing of beauty and the energy just flowed!  All this from a few small changes. I have been living with the changes in my Living Room for almost a week now and as I looked around it occured to me how much like our spiritual work this is.

Sometimes just a few small changes on our interior landscape can make all the difference in the world.  It can be life-changing! Just as we cleanse ourselves physically we can cleanse ourselves spiritually. How? We can consciously release our blocks and stuckness. We can release any negative thoughts and patterns, also. While this may not be as easily said as done, it is transformative. For a start, we can use smudging to begin to clear ourselves of negative vibrations/energies. Once we have done that I recommend something very simple. Affirmations can bring about a major shift in ourselves. Over time affirmations can change our lives. Standing in front of a mirror and affirming to yourself that “I am a beautiful Goddess and I deserve every good thing!” may sound silly to begin with but do it for a lunar cycle (27-28days) and see how changed you feel. Also, affirming to yourself that you are releasing such and such a block for this length of time also creates major change. Honestly, you really don’t need to stand in front of a mirror for this. Just affirm what you want to be true or what you want to release and keep doing it! Like magick, you will see a definite change! Over time when using this as a tool your life will change and you will sparkle! What’s more people will notice and you will affect their lives as well!

So my action word for today is:


Celebrating Life ~ Perfect At Springtime And Any Other Time


Our circle celebrated the Spring Equinox (Ostara) last night. We also had a birthday to celebrate. One of our ladies is an Ostara baby and so, as we do for all of our ladies, we have a Birthday Blessing ritual and celebrated her life.  At this ritual we offer her spiritual gifts, just like the faerie godmothers did for Sleeping Beauty.  Of course, we did not have someone who offered her anything negative as we were all invited! So she won’t be sleeping for 100 years! LOL

 We also had a birthday cake (actually two) for her and some beautiful gifts which she loved!  As we celebrated Spring and its beauty we also celebrated Nakoomis and her beauty. We all bring things of beauty into this world that we use to affect others. In Enchanted Rose Moon Circle we like to recognize this. It’s so important to celebrate our loved ones, to celebrate their passages just the way we celebrate the coming of the seasons and their passing also.

 Rites of passages have almost become a thing of the past.  I for one really have missed that!  I have made it my business and my circle’s business to honor those passages in my life and in the lives of my loved ones and my ladies (of course they are loved ones, too)!  When we honor people they come to know how important they are to us and to the world.  There is no need for them to guess at our feelings or to guess at their worth. This builds self esteem and helps them to feel valuable.

 In Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft there is a beautiful place for these rites of passages.  Within our circles we can celebrate each person and their growth and passages. I would love to see that in our world at large.  What would change if we showed each other how valuable we are? How would our world change and grow!  How would people treat each other if they felt appreciated?

 Spring is a wonderful time to plant the seeds of celebrating life and the people you love.  What can we celebrate for each person? Well, there’s birth and birthdays (of course), the becoming a young woman or young man, the passage into adulthood, hand-fasting and or marriage, births of children (I know I said that already), various accomplishments, menopause for women and men?, Queenhood (the time between Mother and Crone, Croning and Sagehood, and yes even death (is death not a part of life?). Can you think of any other life celebrations? I challenge all of us to begin celebrating the lives of ourselves and others! 

 At this time of rebirth and renewal we can be joyful about life for many reasons, not the least of which is that we are alive and can celebrate everything about being on our beautiful planet!

 I also want to say while we celebrate our lives let us be mindful of the suffering of those in Japan and in other parts of the world where disasters have struck. Let us help where we can and certainly send our good thought, prayers, and energy out for their safety, healing, comfort, and peace!  We have become a global world in that we can easily reach out to others on our planet via the web. Because of this I believe we have an obligation to act where and how we can.

I leave you with these action words whether it be for honoring people through rites of passage and celebrating their lives or for helping others across the world:

 GO, BE, DO!!!

Your Goddess Glamour


I love this. I did this as a workshop last Spring at a High Tea in my Goddess Garden. The ladies all loved it! I thought I’d post it as my Friday blog because with Spring here we all want to look, feel, and be our best. Enjoy!!!


Spring – a time of rebirth.

What better time to re-invent ourselves to our best self.

As this season is associated with blossoming we can set our intentions to bring into blossom our most beautiful  and Goddess-like self.

No matter what our beliefs and paths, we all carry the spark of the divine within

As we are females the Goddess or Goddesses of old comes readily to mind when I think about showing forth my best and most beautiful self. The positive aspect of being Diva is also a picture of a woman that is gorgeous and powerful; talented and creative.

We women fulfill many roles. We are daughters, wives, mothers, lovers, friends, sisters. We are caregivers, doctors, nurses, teachers, nurturers, and administrators. I could go on and on but I think you get the picture.

In order to be accomplished and succeed in these roles we use different tools. Some of the tools we use are outward, such as education and training; other tools are tools that we develop within ourselves, such as dignity, good character, etc.

Today I want to talk about a tool that is familiar to all of us but not quite in the way we might first imagine. That tool is Glamour. The dictionary defines Glamour as: the quality of fascinating, alluring, or attracting, esp. by a combination of charm and good looks. 2. excitement, adventure, and unusual activity (the glamour of being an explorer). 3. magic or enchantment; spell, witchery. 4. suggestive or full of glamour; glamorous.

Today I’d like to speak about glamour as being all of these, especially when pertaining to ourselves as women and Goddesses. Have you ever seen someone who just seemed to sparkle? Have there been days when you know you look your best, feel your best and that people really notice you? What did that look and feel like?

All of us can be glamorous, we are all beautiful women created by the divine source of the universe. We carry that same divine spark within us. The ability to really sparkle is also within each of us. Remember, Goddess does not make junk. She sees each of us as Her beautiful and amazing daughters.

How can we let out that divine spark; that glamorous sparkle that seems so like magic? How do we shine forth our best selves for ourselves and others?

1. First and most important, maintain a vibrant connection to the Divine, however you see Her/Him.

2. Know Yourself – Yes this takes time and work

3.  Love Yourself – Warts and all

4. Change that negative self talk to positive self-love

5. Decide what face you want to show to the world (remember Your best self) how does your best self look, hold herself, walk, talk, dress, treat others. (You only need to please yourself).

6. Create a picture of that Goddess-self in your minds eye. You can also make a collage, choosing images that reflect that sparkle you want to put forth.

7. Feed yourself – that means fill yourself with good and positive thoughts, words, actions. Use affirmations, they really do help!

8. Treat yourself like the Goddess you are! Nurture and take care of yourself!

    When we see ourselves and treat ourselves like Goddesses we are like sparkling beings in this world. We, in fact, work the magic of creating ourselves with Goddess’ help and in doing so we honor Her with our lives. I call this living a magical life!


    “I am an amazing daughter of Goddess/God. I walk in beauty and shine like the stars that sparkle above.”

    “I radiate love and beauty each and every day.”

    “I feel beautiful and fully at my best today and everyday.”

    “I am Goddess, thou art Goddess.”

    Another Beautiful Morning In South Florida!


    Another Beautiful Morning in South Florida

     As I woke up this morning I already new this was going to be a beautiful day. I did what I always do which is step outside, in my garden, to greet the day. With daylight savings time here, it was still dark but the beginnings of sunrise were in the sky. Rose colored streaks glowed and light began to shimmer in the morning sky. I wasn’t the only one waking up there was the song of several birds all chiming in at once. The day was beginning!

     I walked back inside and put up my coffee. While waiting for the coffee to brew I went back out to my garden to enjoy the sights and sounds of morning. I see signs of Spring all around me, yes, even in my Florida garden. So many plants are beginning to bloom and I know soon my garden will be a riot of color and scents. The Spring Equinox, or what we pagans call Ostara, will soon be here! We will be celebrating life’s new beginning and rebirth. The land is surely showing that right now for us. (For those up north still braving the cold know that Spring is around the corner for you, too!).

     I stroll around my garden sending energy to all the plants, herbs, and trees, I observe the signs of their growth. What is in bud and what is in blossom. I do a little weeding here, a little trimming and pruning there tending to those that need care. And then, I go back in for my coffee!

     With coffee in hand I begin my devotions. I thank Goddess for this brand new day. I light my candles and an incense offering and connect in my own way with my Goddesses and with the Universe. Then, of course, back to the garden.

     While out there I am reminded of a world that has changed drastically over the past few days and before that as well. There has been flooding and earthquakes and tsunamis. As if this is not enough, consequently, there have been meltdowns (partial or otherwise) at the nuclear energy facilities in Japan. I read, just yesterday, that another consequence of all this is that the earth has shifted on its axis! I feel like we live in a world gone mad!

     What do we do in these times when disaster is at every turn? We keep on living! I am not saying ignore what is happening but we must continue to live our lives. We can give aid where we can. We can pray, perform rituals, work magick, send healing energy, etc. But we really have to continue to live. If we were to stop living our lives we do no good to or for anyone. This has been a wake up call for us that at any time our lives can change drastically yet we must continue to live! Let us learn and grow and support each other on this journey while we continue to live!

     I have been working at my altar for healing, peace, comfort, protection and anything else I can think of for the people affected by the disaster in Japan. I have been asking my Goddesses and the major Goddess of Japan, Amaterasu, for their help and if I have missed anything I ask them to take care of that, too! And yet, I am continuing to go on with my life. I am enjoying this beautiful spring morning even while praying for Japan and our beloved planet. I continue to work on my business, Authentic-Goddess. I continue to research for my book. I continue to lead my coven and to take care of myself, my pets, my home, and my garden. Life is going on and I continue to live it!

     I started this blog not quite sure where it was headed and I conclude it with a challenge for myself and for all of you out there. Live life, live it beautifully, enjoy it all the while being mindful of what is happening around our planet. Give aid where you can, shelter where you can, pray, work magick, ritualize, whatever it is that you do but Live! And, be thankful for everything! Live in gratitude for what you have and even for what you don’t have. Enjoy your family, friends, other people around you and be grateful! Thank Goddess and God, or just God, or Buddha, or Allah, or Mary, or Jesus! Just be thankful!

     As I end this blog I do so with tears coming down my face because I am so thankful to the Lady and the Lord for all the beauty and goodness I have! I am so touched by all that is going on in the world and I wish with all my heart that things will get better for all of us on this planet particularly for the people of Japan and for all people who are suffering the disasters that have recently happened. May life improve greatly for all! May there be peace, comfort, healing, love, and protection for those who need it so desperately!!! So Mote It Be!

     Blessed Be