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Spiritual Makeover – Changes our looks and how we feel!


Many women around the world watch Oprah. She has been on the air for 25 years and this is her last year doing The Oprah Show. Every now and then I get a chance to watch it. My topic today was inspired by something that Oprah said about makeovers. Her comment was that the most important thing about a makeover was how it makes a person feel. How true that is!

Have you ever seen a woman who feels great about herself? It really shows! Why, because she absolutely shines. Her confidence is in every move she makes and in every thing she does. She turns people’s heads with her sparkle. She exudes an energy that is very alive and vivacious.

How does this have anything to do with spirituality? Let me share some of my beliefs about that. Women on a spiritual journey are constantly seeking to connect with divine energy. They are also growing in knowledge of themselves and their relationship to their divine source. As they grow they literally give themselves a spiritual makeover.

Unlike a makeover that is surface only this does take time. Our spiritual journeys have the benefit of teaching us to nurture ourselves. Nurturing ourselves includes taking care of ourselves in all ways. We care for our bodies, our minds, our spirits. We live in a way that is holistically healthy. Or at least we live more and more that way! Like I said, it takes time!

Our connection to the divine also leads us to one of our greatest teachers, nature. We begin to be more in tune with the cycles of life, the seasons, growing cycles and live in a compatible way with nature. We are not at war with nature or with our own cycles and it shows.

The divine spark within (which I call Goddess) fills us up with a light that is luminously beautiful. We glow with this beauty the more that we connect with our source. The more we learn, the more we grow, the greater our glow shines out to the world around us.

Just think of walking your spiritual path as your magic of co-creating yourself with your divine source. For me I work with the Goddess/es to design my life so that I live joyfully in the present and plan for the future while remaining flexible for synchronistic events and moments. I begin my days by connecting with Goddess and with nature and by asking how I can be of service to Her today! She, in turn, awakens that divine spark so that I can fulfill my purpose. She is the energy that causes me to shine!

Now, don’t believe that every day is perfect! It’s not! I find, though, that the longer I walk my path the more I experience true joy each day! As long as I am connected the spark of the divine Goddess is awake and alive in my life! And because of this, I sparkle! And, I really like to sparkle!!!


Two Days In The Life Of A Queen Goddess


Two Days In The Life Of A Queen Goddess

Last night I informed the ladies in my circle that my blog for today would be about the day in the life of a Queen Goddess. As I sit down to write now I thought why not do two days and hit the highlights of those days. So, I am sitting now going over my days and deciding what I want to share.

I begin my days with a daily practice. I spend some time at my altar talking to the Goddess and making an offering to Her (both of my day and an incense offering). I ask Her, What would you have me do and say? Where would you have me go? How can I be of service today? Then I spend time listening (meditating) and discerning what my day needs to look like. I write my To Do list with my MIT’s (Most Important Tasks) for the day. After this I do one of my favorite chores.

Every other day I thoroughly water my garden. Being the compulsive Goddess that I am I like to start in the East and work my way clockwise around the entire garden. I enjoy beginning my day like this because it really serves to connect me with the earth and with the growing plants, herbs, flowers and trees in my garden. It also connects me further with Goddess and is a beautiful start to a busy day!

If it’s Tuesday, it’s beach day! I have a standing appointment with a friend to head over to the beach every Tuesday. Only this week we had to move it to today, Thursday. My friend goes to do some healing work on her skin with the salt water. I have seen that work so well over the past weeks. It is amazing how clear her skin is looking after several weeks of soaking in the ocean, just once a week. Goddess has healing for us in many places if we look. I love to go to the ocean for the way I feel so refreshed after being there for a while. The salt air and water is so cleansing! I also love to sit and meditate in front of the ocean and in doing this I feel so connected to nature and to the Goddess who, after all, is nature. I come away feeling so centered and calm and present for my day. Although, I am mostly close to my Roman Goddesses and to Isis when I am at the ocean I call out to Yemaya and ask for Her blessings and help in my work for the week. She has been very gracious and has gifted me with the good energy I need to create Authentic-Goddess. Of course, I can’t leave without collecting at least a few shells to add to my shell collection, beautiful reminders of the power and energy of the ocean. Positive proof of the beauty the Goddess has offered us here on earth. I always try to finish my visit by picking up at least a few items that are littered along the beach. I want to leave it better than when I came.

So, on with the day (or days), during this creation time for my business I have been very productive. I have been working on creating a website, creating workshops and meditations, talking to people about my business, marketing and learning about how to market. I have been busy, busy, busy! Find out more about these at my website:

Let me tell you a little about my workshops. I have two that I have finished creating and I am so excited about them. Be The Queen Of Your Life and Live Your Life Like A Queen are going to literally change the life of the women (Queens) who attend! They will learn just how magnificent they really are and how they hold the Queen Goddess within themselves. They will find out that mature women are even more fantastic than ever! They will begin a journey that will open them up to living incredibly juicy lives!

I have also created a meditation for each of these workshops. The meditations will take each woman on a very special journey to meet the Queen Goddesses and to learn from them. They will also get to ask for the wisdom of a special Goddess in the second meditation. The experience will be life changing and affirming for my Queens!

I love to call them “my Queens” because I think of them like that! I believe that all women are incredible and magnificent! I especially believe that mature women are beautiful, feminine, sexy, and powerful and that they have so much to offer our world. I really want to help them see that! Okay, before I get off on a tangent, I’ll move on to another highlight of my day.

I check all my various social networking sights and see what’s cooking there. I participate a little and remind everyone about Authentic-Goddess and my workshops. I check out the deadlines for the next The Goddess In Me column and see that I am good for a while. My first article is called Seeing Through New Eyes and will be published in the first edition of The Witches’ Hour E-Magazine. After writing this blog I will post it on several of those sights or just post a link to it on some of them.

Another highlight of my day has been the WISH talks I  have been listening to. These talks have been uplifting, inspirational, motivating and exciting! They have fed and nourished me. They have been a motivating factor in the recent days of working on and creating my business. They have given me tools to work with that I would not have otherwise had. Amazing! If you are interested in listening to some or all of these talks check out

As you can see, my days have been filled with creative, fun, and exciting activities. You might ask what I do in the evening? Well any number of things, my husband and I prepare and cook the evening meal together. We share our day over dinner and then we have some time to relax. I love to read so I’ll pick up one or two of the books I am reading. I always try to read something to learn from and something just for fun! John (my husband) loves to catch up with friends and family on facebook while watching a favorite show. So, we hang out in the living room most nights.(By the way check out my blog “One small change…” about how transformed my living room is). Although sometimes I go back into the office if I am really involved in doing something and I get a hit (you know an idea that I just can’t ignore).

There you have it, a couple of days in the life of this Queen Goddess. I am so excited about my business and want to share it with all you beautiful Goddesses out there. Please check out my website and contact me so I can keep you posted on my goings on!

Ciao, Beautiful Goddesses!

A Rainy Moonday!


Woke up to a rainy day today! I love it! The Goddess has watered my beautiful gardens once again! Besides nuturing my flowers, herbs and trees She has done a lovely spring cleaning of the outdoors. Everything sparkles! I look outside and see all this sparkly clean freshness and it brings my thoughts to how clean is everything inside.

By inside I mean in my home and also within myself. Yes, it’s spring cleaning time! I am reminded of the way my mother cleaned everything inside and out scouring and polishing and changing linens (we lived up north and had summer and winter draperies and such) until things literally shone they were so clean!

Today, was a beginning for me. As I chatted on the phone with a friend I thoroughly cleaned my refrigerator until it sparkled! There is nothing worse that eating food from a dirty refrigerator! I went grocery shopping and placed all I bought within and felt a great satisfaction at a job well done.

I love my home and I want it to be beautiful so as I clean everything up this spring I set my intention for all kinds of good things. I choose to bring love, good health, joy, laughter, prosperity and all the abundance the universe has to offer. I choose for my home to be my palace. I am a Queen, after all! My home needs to reflect all that I want to bring into my life and into my family’s life. I want my home to be a major part of the magick that I live daily!

That brings me too, well myself! What do I look like on the inside? Have I walked my path, my talk and created a beautiful interior! Am I reflecting the Goddess and living like a true Queen, with honor and dignity.  Am I really seeing my hands as the Goddess’s hands and am I ser1ving Her with every ounce of my being? Who is this Queen and does she shine and sparkle?  Am I loving and compassionate? Am I living with wisdom? How can I freshen myself?

One of the ways I daily freshen myself is by beginning my day with a daily devotion. This includes a prayer at my altar, lighting a candle, making an incense offering, and taking time to listen, to meditate. I have asked Goddess how I can serve Her today. What would She have me do, say, etc.  Throughout my day I take mini-moments with the Goddess, checking in to listen and to talk to Her. I am observant and aware so I don’t miss any messages She might have for me.

Now I have to say that I am not perfect but this really makes a difference in my day! Keeping connected to Goddess helps me to stay fresh and sparkly!  It helps me to have true joy in my life! I am connected to my source and ever growing more a part of Her and the Universe. I, with Her help, am ever becoming one with Her. As a Queen and as Her priestess this is an integral part of my walk!

And, you know what, it also helps to go dance in the rain!  This is something I love doing! I go out in my garden and dance my heart out to my Goddess and this is another offering! Talk about spring cleaning yourself! After this I feel fresh and clean and yes, sparkly! Try it sometime! Go dancing in the rain and make that your prayer and your magick!

Bright Blessings and may you sparkle!

Donna aka Lady Isis Rose

Life Is All About Learning!


It’s a beautiful Saturday Morning and I just finished listening to a short video on how to be a business Goddess. This video is a continuation of a process of learning that I have been on since the Winter Solstice. I am learning so much!  As I set up my business Authentic-Goddess I have been on this amazing journey of learning how to market myself and my business, of what women who are beautiful and mature Goddesses want and need in their lives, and of how many opportunities there are out there.
I have also been listening to some awesome speakers being interviewed by the owner of WISH (Women’s International Summit for Health). Here’s the link: ( Women like Carol Look, Marianne Williamson, Maya Angelou… Other speakers like Jim Robbins, too. These are all people who are at the top of their fields. They are life coaches, business coaches, spiritual practitioners and experts on The Laws of Attraction. They are counselors and psychologists, authors, etc. These people are all people that I am listening to and learning from.
It’s amazing how much I have learned in this short space of time, and exciting, too. I know that there is so much more to learn and that I will ride this exciting journey to a very successful business. A business where I can be of service to all you beautiful Goddesses 35 and up. This is my desire: that I can encourage you to empower yourselves, that I can show you How To Be The Queen Of Your Life, and How To Live Your Life Like A Queen, and How To Embrace The Power Of The Queen Goddess! As we do this we will live and grow and enjoy a life that is wholly engaged! We Will live joyful lives where we continue to learn and grow every day. Where we embrace all the world has to offer us and then turn around and share that with others! Opportunity abounds and we only have to learn about it and grab onto it!
So keep looking for more about Being The Queen Of Your Life  at . I will share opportunities for learning and living life beautifully. I will inform about my workshops and I hope to be able to make those available online in the future. In the meantime my current flyer is up for my first Queen workshop. Click on My Current Workshop Flyer.

Check out my website for workshop info, newsletter and to keep up with my goings on at:

I hope to see you there.

Bright Blessings, Donna

A Ritual to Juno and for all Women!

Juno, Queen of Heaven

I promised you all a ritual to Juno! Juno is the Queen of Heaven of the Roman pantheon of gods. She is also a Goddess of Women and it is in that area that the following ritual is. Earlier in the week it was the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day so this ritual is so appropriate!
All you need is a peacock blue or white candle, incense of your choice, and three peacock feathers.

Light your incense and encircle your sacred space with it.

Simply create sacred space as you normally do or create space with this simple circle casting starting at the east, then south, then west, then north and back to center:

“By the air that is Her sweet breathe, By the fire that is Her Passionate will, By the water that is Her loving emotions, By the earth that is Her beautiful body, and By the spirit which connects all, I cast this sacred circle! May the blessings of Juno be upon my sacred space and on this Her child!”

Light your peacock blue or white candle

Take your peacock feathers and place around your candle.

Invoke Juno
“Heya Juno, Hail to the Queen of Heaven. I call out to you from within and without to grace my sacred space with your royal presence!
Goddess that rules over women and Goddesses honor me with your magickal energy. Share with me your wisdom and let me feel your presence within my circle and within my body, mind and spirit!
I honor you and welcome you to my circle!

Now settle into your breathe and feel Her presence. Listen for Her teaching and guidance. Juno comes into this modern world and is there for us as modern women just as She was there for women in ancient times. After listening to Her for a while ask Her your questions if you have any and listen again!

After the meditation ask Juno to bless and protect you and all women in your own words. Then thank Her (again in your own words) and open your circle.

You can use this to do so begin at the north, then west, then south, then east and back to the center:

“By the earth that is Her beautiful body, by the water that is Her loving emotions, by the fire of Her passionate spirit, by the air that is Her sweet breathe, and by the spirit that connects all things , I open this sacred circle! May I always stand in the presence of Juno!” 

 Leave the peacock feathers on your altar as an offering to Her.

Enjoy! And remember to journal your experiences.



The Junonalia

 On this day, in ancient times, Romans observed the Festival Junonalia. This festival honored Juno, Queen of Heaven, of their gods. This festival was celebrated by the matrons of Rome. There were processions in which statues of Juno were carried through the streets and ending at the temple of Juno. There was dancing and merriment. I am sure there was wonderful feasting also, as the Romans were known for their feasts.

 As Juno has been a great part of my life recently I honor Her today in all I do. At devotions today I lit a beautiful rose incense for Her. My altar was cleaned and lit up with candles and my prayers were to Juno. This Goddess of women has become a major part of my life! At dinner tonight I will honor Her for all the gifts She brings to my life. My day will be filled with Juno and Her joy!

 Earlier this month was another festival called The Matonalia. This festival, also celebrated by the matrons of Rome, was the anniversary of the foundation of the temple of Juno. Women and girls brought their prayers to Juno and brought Her generous offerings of flowers and flowering plants for it was said She delighted in them.

 They worshipped Juno in Her aspect of Juno Lucina. Juno Lucina is a Goddess of childbirth and the first light a child sees. In this aspect, women would go to Juno when they wanted to conceive. They would also go to Her for their birthing and for the health of their children.

 Just imagine this festival… When women gather there are always great goings on. We know how to have a fun time together. Imagine the gossip, the food, the music, the hilarity. Imagine the baudiness and the storytelling, all in honor of this Queen of Heaven. Can you just see it?! Think of these women in their finest made of beautiful materials, imagine their jewelry. Imagine the colors and the scents.

 Now, lets take this into modern times and think of how we can honor Juno (or other Goddesses of your choosing). For Juno, I love honoring Her as Goddess of Light. And so, I do light my altar up with lots of candles. In my next blog I will post a modern day ritual that I will create to this royal Queen of Heaven. So look for more on Friday….!