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I am a spiritual practitioner and priestess in my community. I am an expert on Goddess Spirituality. I believe in encouraging women to empower. themselves, I am also author of "Witch in the Neighborhood" which focuses on being a woman of power in your community. I feel very strongly about not isolating ourselves and working your magick in you neighborhood communities. "Witch in the Neighborhood" also describes how you can use your gifts and talents to make a difference and have lots of fun! The artwork in "Witch in the Neighborhood" is by Sabrina, The Ink Witch, my mentor and priestess. I am also writing a quarterly column 'The Goddess In Me' for The Witches' Hour a national e-zine.

What’s stirring in the cauldron today?


What am I creating today? What do I have stirring in my cauldron today? A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a pinch of something and a dram of another… Let’s get this day brewing!

Preparing for a ritual workshop for Enchanted Rose Moon Circle’s initiates involves putting together a whole recipe of things, stirring it in a cauldron and hopefully coming up with an interesting way of teaching such a beautiful part of our spirituality. Why ritual? How do we do this? What components do we bring into our rituals?  How can we express what we want to say and experience in our rituals? All of this and more is what I/we strive to teach when teaching ritual.

Who will I go to for help in teaching this? What wise Goddess can really help me with this? Will it be Hekate with all her shadowy wisdom? … or Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel? … maybe Minerva, Goddess of wisdom? or Venus, Mother Goddess of Love? Why not all of these amazing women? Does each Goddess not hold something that will add to our celebration. Do we not need love and wisdom in our rite. What about knowledge of the wheel of life? Even a knowledge of the message behind everything. We need all of this and more. Most of all we need to speak to the divine spark inside of ourselves through words, symbols, fragrance, sounds, feelings, and movement.

My desire is to share all that ritual means and to stir the cauldron of knowledge, mystery, and wisdom so that we can all experience growth and transformation from each ritual from the most simple to the elaborate and everything in between!

As much of this has asked questions, why not ask yourself these questions and see how you would answer them? What does ritual mean to you and how are you affected by it? Is it a celebration? Is it something you love or something you avoid? How can you make the most of ritual in your life? The questions can go on and on and on…

Keep in mind even a birthday celebration is a ritual. Did you know that we include rituals in every day of our life? The way you approach your washing up and getting ready for the day is a ritual. So rituals are not just religious.

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on the topic of rituals here!


Accessing The Energy Power, And Wisdom Of The Goddess In Me



I have been struggling with writing marketing copy recently and being me I want everything just perfect. Well, guess what?! That has definitely not been the case! I have even gotten to the point of wanting to pull my hair out. I am sure there are some obsessive compulsive perfectionists out there who can totally understand where I am at.

I have gone from feeling like Nimue, wanting to throw that perfect childish fit to maybe Kali, Durga, or Sekhmet wanting to destroy everything and start over. Anybody understand this? Not a good thing in this instance!

Even now that I have taken a bit of time to distance myself from this I ask myself if what I am going through is actually worth all this torment. So as I write this I am speaking to The Goddess In Me and asking Her opinion. My answer from Her is an unequivocal Yes!  She says that stretching myself sometimes hurts and is sometimes extremely frustrating. I am really making that teenage face at Her now, kind of like Kore might have made at Demeter as She wanted to free herself of Mama’s constraints.

Once more, I reach into my Goddess self and call on Mom! You know I could use a little nurturing right now. Maybe a hug or a bit of a pat on the back, just a little comfort if you get my meaning. Then Mom says, “Okay, we can do that but I need to tell you that you are still going to have to create that flyer! (Just like a Mother) And you know what, it does not have to be perfect!” Then I can feel Her soothing energy flow inside me and I am beginning to feel like I can actually overcome my perfectionist self!

After talking to Mama Goddess, I move on now to the Crone, to the wise and elegant Grandmother Goddess. I ask Her for some wisdom and advice on creating my flyer and how best to express the benefits of my Goddess circles to the women who will read it. Her answer is “take the advice of your Mastermind group and use it if it feels right to you. Use your feelings and express those in a creative way. Most of all use your connection to me and allow me to speak through you!”  And like many Grandmothers she gave a bit of personal advice, “you may not want to pull your hair out, at your age it might not grow back!” I think, gee thanks! Haha!

Now that I have accessed three of the major aspects of the Goddess I will go back to my flyer and look at it with a lighter heart.  I will not expect perfection and I definitely will not tear out my hair! I will say a big Thank You to my inner Goddess for helping through a minor crisis as She always does.


Until the next time, dear Goddess,

Blessed Be!


The Goddess as Creatrix


Who is this Goddess that I and many others call the Creatrix? The pat answer would be that She is the Goddess who created everything in the Universe from Herself. What makes Her different from other Goddesses? She is the Goddess who goes by many names including Gaia, Mother Earth, Star Goddess and Her aspect is associated with creation, not love, not fertility, prosperity, or even death. She is the Goddess who brings things into being!

When I look around me at the sky, the earth, the ocean, the trees (and on and on) I see the manifestations of Her work all around me. The energy that all of these carry is Her energy and She is in each of Her works. She is also in each and every human that walks this planet and those that have gone before and will come in the future. We carry Her divine and creative spark in us.

As women we all have or have had the possibility to create life (human) from ourselves. Women are also creators of many other things. We create businesses, artwork, music, communities, gardens, homes, rituals, etc. We also create ourselves! We create, with Goddess help, our lives. We are quite literally co-creatrixes with the Goddess. We plant the seeds of who we want to be and then we feed and nurture that self. The feeding and nurturing ourselves causes growth to happen and as with most growth there is a time of harvest, of reaping the rewards of our work. After our harvest we might prune and release certain aspects of ourselves and that is a kind of death. We are continually cycling, just as the moon does, into a rebirth where once again we plant seed, feed and nurture, grow, and harvest. Our connection to the Creatrix that is within us enables us to cause all of this. She who is ever-present in our lives is there to provide the spark of life (of creation) in us if we choose to reach into our cores and access Her power.

In many women’s circles we say “Thou art Goddess” recognizing that She is within each and every woman. Yes, She is also without but more importantly for each of us She is in us! With this blog I will begin my Love Letters To The Goddess blogs and my Teachings of the Goddess blogs as well. Love Letters will pour out my deepest feelings from my heart to Her. Teaching will share what I have learned from Her. I will also begin to share about other aspects of the Goddess for She has many and many names for each aspect.

Come along with me on this journey to the Goddess in all Her forms. Learn how to access Her knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and power. Come and co-create your best authentic self! Create a magickal doorway into a new life with a beautiful purpose that you tailor for yourself. Step through that doorway into your authentic Goddess nature!

Learn, Grow, and Sparkle! Do it for yourself!

Go to for more information and for events.

Spiritual Makeover – Changes our looks and how we feel!


Many women around the world watch Oprah. She has been on the air for 25 years and this is her last year doing The Oprah Show. Every now and then I get a chance to watch it. My topic today was inspired by something that Oprah said about makeovers. Her comment was that the most important thing about a makeover was how it makes a person feel. How true that is!

Have you ever seen a woman who feels great about herself? It really shows! Why, because she absolutely shines. Her confidence is in every move she makes and in every thing she does. She turns people’s heads with her sparkle. She exudes an energy that is very alive and vivacious.

How does this have anything to do with spirituality? Let me share some of my beliefs about that. Women on a spiritual journey are constantly seeking to connect with divine energy. They are also growing in knowledge of themselves and their relationship to their divine source. As they grow they literally give themselves a spiritual makeover.

Unlike a makeover that is surface only this does take time. Our spiritual journeys have the benefit of teaching us to nurture ourselves. Nurturing ourselves includes taking care of ourselves in all ways. We care for our bodies, our minds, our spirits. We live in a way that is holistically healthy. Or at least we live more and more that way! Like I said, it takes time!

Our connection to the divine also leads us to one of our greatest teachers, nature. We begin to be more in tune with the cycles of life, the seasons, growing cycles and live in a compatible way with nature. We are not at war with nature or with our own cycles and it shows.

The divine spark within (which I call Goddess) fills us up with a light that is luminously beautiful. We glow with this beauty the more that we connect with our source. The more we learn, the more we grow, the greater our glow shines out to the world around us.

Just think of walking your spiritual path as your magic of co-creating yourself with your divine source. For me I work with the Goddess/es to design my life so that I live joyfully in the present and plan for the future while remaining flexible for synchronistic events and moments. I begin my days by connecting with Goddess and with nature and by asking how I can be of service to Her today! She, in turn, awakens that divine spark so that I can fulfill my purpose. She is the energy that causes me to shine!

Now, don’t believe that every day is perfect! It’s not! I find, though, that the longer I walk my path the more I experience true joy each day! As long as I am connected the spark of the divine Goddess is awake and alive in my life! And because of this, I sparkle! And, I really like to sparkle!!!

Butterflies Are Free And So Are We!

I am sitting at my computer, in my kitchen, by the back door. As I look out on the garden I see a beautiful yellow butterfly fly through. I am thinking how free that butterfly is and how amazing that it is so graceful in its flight. I associate butterflies with Spring because that is when I see them the most in my gardens. I associate Spring with the freedom to grow and blossom. I am grateful for this time of year and all the joy it brings me. My garden is filled with herbs and vegetables, bushes and trees, and flowers, flowers, flowers. It is so glorious! I relate this to my life and my living according to the Wheel of the Year (seasonal cycles) and know that this is a time of growing and blossoming for me. It is a time, where just like that yellow butterfly, I am free to soar. I am free to plant new projects, create my new business, I am free to grow and blossom taking all that I have learned and experienced and making that the food that nourishes my growth. One of the creative projects that I am free to pursue is my Authentic-Goddess business. In this I am free to pursue my hearts passion. I am free to Encourage Women To Empower Themselves. I am free to express the truth that I know deep within that women of a certain age are amazing, beautiful, unique, and powerful human beings! I know that the Goddess in Me is also the Goddess in them and I yearn for them to know this, too. My desire is to see women come to know the divine feminine within and to use that to change our world! What a world we would have if every woman connected to and could totally feel the Goddess in Her. Spring is a time of abundant creativity! I am free to create in other ways, too. Drawing has never been something I do but this Spring I have been drawing up a storm. As soon as I am done I will post my work ‘The Goddess In Me’. I am so happy with the way She is turning out and I want to share that with you. I am also creating a pencil-work of my Magickal Doorways. Those are going to be beautiful and speak to portals into living the life of my and your dreams! I have created other projects, too. I find that I love making collages with a theme and my Minerva (Goddess of Wisdom) Protection/Manifestation Shield is filled with a powerful energy that encourages me to pursue my own dreams relatively fearlessly!

I am free to do all of this and more and so are you! Let Spring fill you with it’s sparkling energy! Let it fill you with ideas, creativity, and the inspiration to set whatever you desire to do in motion! Let Spring help you to stretch beyond your current limitations to grow and meet, fulfill, and surpass your potential! Spring is all about thriving! So I challenge you to Blossom, Grow, Stretch, Thrive! Let this Spring be the beginning of living your dream-life!

Go, Be, Do, and of course SPARKLE!


My Minerva Protection/Manifestation Shield

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Two Days In The Life Of A Queen Goddess


Two Days In The Life Of A Queen Goddess

Last night I informed the ladies in my circle that my blog for today would be about the day in the life of a Queen Goddess. As I sit down to write now I thought why not do two days and hit the highlights of those days. So, I am sitting now going over my days and deciding what I want to share.

I begin my days with a daily practice. I spend some time at my altar talking to the Goddess and making an offering to Her (both of my day and an incense offering). I ask Her, What would you have me do and say? Where would you have me go? How can I be of service today? Then I spend time listening (meditating) and discerning what my day needs to look like. I write my To Do list with my MIT’s (Most Important Tasks) for the day. After this I do one of my favorite chores.

Every other day I thoroughly water my garden. Being the compulsive Goddess that I am I like to start in the East and work my way clockwise around the entire garden. I enjoy beginning my day like this because it really serves to connect me with the earth and with the growing plants, herbs, flowers and trees in my garden. It also connects me further with Goddess and is a beautiful start to a busy day!

If it’s Tuesday, it’s beach day! I have a standing appointment with a friend to head over to the beach every Tuesday. Only this week we had to move it to today, Thursday. My friend goes to do some healing work on her skin with the salt water. I have seen that work so well over the past weeks. It is amazing how clear her skin is looking after several weeks of soaking in the ocean, just once a week. Goddess has healing for us in many places if we look. I love to go to the ocean for the way I feel so refreshed after being there for a while. The salt air and water is so cleansing! I also love to sit and meditate in front of the ocean and in doing this I feel so connected to nature and to the Goddess who, after all, is nature. I come away feeling so centered and calm and present for my day. Although, I am mostly close to my Roman Goddesses and to Isis when I am at the ocean I call out to Yemaya and ask for Her blessings and help in my work for the week. She has been very gracious and has gifted me with the good energy I need to create Authentic-Goddess. Of course, I can’t leave without collecting at least a few shells to add to my shell collection, beautiful reminders of the power and energy of the ocean. Positive proof of the beauty the Goddess has offered us here on earth. I always try to finish my visit by picking up at least a few items that are littered along the beach. I want to leave it better than when I came.

So, on with the day (or days), during this creation time for my business I have been very productive. I have been working on creating a website, creating workshops and meditations, talking to people about my business, marketing and learning about how to market. I have been busy, busy, busy! Find out more about these at my website:

Let me tell you a little about my workshops. I have two that I have finished creating and I am so excited about them. Be The Queen Of Your Life and Live Your Life Like A Queen are going to literally change the life of the women (Queens) who attend! They will learn just how magnificent they really are and how they hold the Queen Goddess within themselves. They will find out that mature women are even more fantastic than ever! They will begin a journey that will open them up to living incredibly juicy lives!

I have also created a meditation for each of these workshops. The meditations will take each woman on a very special journey to meet the Queen Goddesses and to learn from them. They will also get to ask for the wisdom of a special Goddess in the second meditation. The experience will be life changing and affirming for my Queens!

I love to call them “my Queens” because I think of them like that! I believe that all women are incredible and magnificent! I especially believe that mature women are beautiful, feminine, sexy, and powerful and that they have so much to offer our world. I really want to help them see that! Okay, before I get off on a tangent, I’ll move on to another highlight of my day.

I check all my various social networking sights and see what’s cooking there. I participate a little and remind everyone about Authentic-Goddess and my workshops. I check out the deadlines for the next The Goddess In Me column and see that I am good for a while. My first article is called Seeing Through New Eyes and will be published in the first edition of The Witches’ Hour E-Magazine. After writing this blog I will post it on several of those sights or just post a link to it on some of them.

Another highlight of my day has been the WISH talks I  have been listening to. These talks have been uplifting, inspirational, motivating and exciting! They have fed and nourished me. They have been a motivating factor in the recent days of working on and creating my business. They have given me tools to work with that I would not have otherwise had. Amazing! If you are interested in listening to some or all of these talks check out

As you can see, my days have been filled with creative, fun, and exciting activities. You might ask what I do in the evening? Well any number of things, my husband and I prepare and cook the evening meal together. We share our day over dinner and then we have some time to relax. I love to read so I’ll pick up one or two of the books I am reading. I always try to read something to learn from and something just for fun! John (my husband) loves to catch up with friends and family on facebook while watching a favorite show. So, we hang out in the living room most nights.(By the way check out my blog “One small change…” about how transformed my living room is). Although sometimes I go back into the office if I am really involved in doing something and I get a hit (you know an idea that I just can’t ignore).

There you have it, a couple of days in the life of this Queen Goddess. I am so excited about my business and want to share it with all you beautiful Goddesses out there. Please check out my website and contact me so I can keep you posted on my goings on!

Ciao, Beautiful Goddesses!

A Few Small Changes Can Make All The Difference!

Recently I listened to a great interview with an expert on Feng Shui. What I learned spurred me on to make a couple of small changes in my living room.  Now, those changes were few and many would consider them small but for me one change in particular was not so small. I had to let go of two pieces of furniture that were my grandmothers and that I had held onto for years. This was not easy! Even realizing that by keeping them I was blocking my front door somewhat and decreasing the energy flow in my living room. In essence, creating a block. These two units also held some art that I had no idea where to put once the units were gone.

Well, I did it! I let them go and found a place for what I really loved. We also made a couple of other changes. We hung our TV on the wall. I bought a new round coffee table and we moved a rug from one room into the Living Room. I also made the entryway look beautiful with some gorgeous fresh flowers in a beautiful vase. I did all this after really cleaning the room and everything that was in it. You know, Spring Cleaning!

When this was done I stepped back and took it all in. Wow!!! My Living Room was transformed. What was, brief moments ago, cluttered, not real attractive, and stuck in energy was absolutely transformed. It was pulled together in a way that says sit, relax, enjoy! My Living Room was a thing of beauty and the energy just flowed!  All this from a few small changes. I have been living with the changes in my Living Room for almost a week now and as I looked around it occured to me how much like our spiritual work this is.

Sometimes just a few small changes on our interior landscape can make all the difference in the world.  It can be life-changing! Just as we cleanse ourselves physically we can cleanse ourselves spiritually. How? We can consciously release our blocks and stuckness. We can release any negative thoughts and patterns, also. While this may not be as easily said as done, it is transformative. For a start, we can use smudging to begin to clear ourselves of negative vibrations/energies. Once we have done that I recommend something very simple. Affirmations can bring about a major shift in ourselves. Over time affirmations can change our lives. Standing in front of a mirror and affirming to yourself that “I am a beautiful Goddess and I deserve every good thing!” may sound silly to begin with but do it for a lunar cycle (27-28days) and see how changed you feel. Also, affirming to yourself that you are releasing such and such a block for this length of time also creates major change. Honestly, you really don’t need to stand in front of a mirror for this. Just affirm what you want to be true or what you want to release and keep doing it! Like magick, you will see a definite change! Over time when using this as a tool your life will change and you will sparkle! What’s more people will notice and you will affect their lives as well!

So my action word for today is: