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Accessing The Energy Power, And Wisdom Of The Goddess In Me



I have been struggling with writing marketing copy recently and being me I want everything just perfect. Well, guess what?! That has definitely not been the case! I have even gotten to the point of wanting to pull my hair out. I am sure there are some obsessive compulsive perfectionists out there who can totally understand where I am at.

I have gone from feeling like Nimue, wanting to throw that perfect childish fit to maybe Kali, Durga, or Sekhmet wanting to destroy everything and start over. Anybody understand this? Not a good thing in this instance!

Even now that I have taken a bit of time to distance myself from this I ask myself if what I am going through is actually worth all this torment. So as I write this I am speaking to The Goddess In Me and asking Her opinion. My answer from Her is an unequivocal Yes!  She says that stretching myself sometimes hurts and is sometimes extremely frustrating. I am really making that teenage face at Her now, kind of like Kore might have made at Demeter as She wanted to free herself of Mama’s constraints.

Once more, I reach into my Goddess self and call on Mom! You know I could use a little nurturing right now. Maybe a hug or a bit of a pat on the back, just a little comfort if you get my meaning. Then Mom says, “Okay, we can do that but I need to tell you that you are still going to have to create that flyer! (Just like a Mother) And you know what, it does not have to be perfect!” Then I can feel Her soothing energy flow inside me and I am beginning to feel like I can actually overcome my perfectionist self!

After talking to Mama Goddess, I move on now to the Crone, to the wise and elegant Grandmother Goddess. I ask Her for some wisdom and advice on creating my flyer and how best to express the benefits of my Goddess circles to the women who will read it. Her answer is “take the advice of your Mastermind group and use it if it feels right to you. Use your feelings and express those in a creative way. Most of all use your connection to me and allow me to speak through you!”  And like many Grandmothers she gave a bit of personal advice, “you may not want to pull your hair out, at your age it might not grow back!” I think, gee thanks! Haha!

Now that I have accessed three of the major aspects of the Goddess I will go back to my flyer and look at it with a lighter heart.  I will not expect perfection and I definitely will not tear out my hair! I will say a big Thank You to my inner Goddess for helping through a minor crisis as She always does.


Until the next time, dear Goddess,

Blessed Be!