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The Goddess as Creatrix


Who is this Goddess that I and many others call the Creatrix? The pat answer would be that She is the Goddess who created everything in the Universe from Herself. What makes Her different from other Goddesses? She is the Goddess who goes by many names including Gaia, Mother Earth, Star Goddess and Her aspect is associated with creation, not love, not fertility, prosperity, or even death. She is the Goddess who brings things into being!

When I look around me at the sky, the earth, the ocean, the trees (and on and on) I see the manifestations of Her work all around me. The energy that all of these carry is Her energy and She is in each of Her works. She is also in each and every human that walks this planet and those that have gone before and will come in the future. We carry Her divine and creative spark in us.

As women we all have or have had the possibility to create life (human) from ourselves. Women are also creators of many other things. We create businesses, artwork, music, communities, gardens, homes, rituals, etc. We also create ourselves! We create, with Goddess help, our lives. We are quite literally co-creatrixes with the Goddess. We plant the seeds of who we want to be and then we feed and nurture that self. The feeding and nurturing ourselves causes growth to happen and as with most growth there is a time of harvest, of reaping the rewards of our work. After our harvest we might prune and release certain aspects of ourselves and that is a kind of death. We are continually cycling, just as the moon does, into a rebirth where once again we plant seed, feed and nurture, grow, and harvest. Our connection to the Creatrix that is within us enables us to cause all of this. She who is ever-present in our lives is there to provide the spark of life (of creation) in us if we choose to reach into our cores and access Her power.

In many women’s circles we say “Thou art Goddess” recognizing that She is within each and every woman. Yes, She is also without but more importantly for each of us She is in us! With this blog I will begin my Love Letters To The Goddess blogs and my Teachings of the Goddess blogs as well. Love Letters will pour out my deepest feelings from my heart to Her. Teaching will share what I have learned from Her. I will also begin to share about other aspects of the Goddess for She has many and many names for each aspect.

Come along with me on this journey to the Goddess in all Her forms. Learn how to access Her knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and power. Come and co-create your best authentic self! Create a magickal doorway into a new life with a beautiful purpose that you tailor for yourself. Step through that doorway into your authentic Goddess nature!

Learn, Grow, and Sparkle! Do it for yourself!

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Spiritual Makeover – Changes our looks and how we feel!


Many women around the world watch Oprah. She has been on the air for 25 years and this is her last year doing The Oprah Show. Every now and then I get a chance to watch it. My topic today was inspired by something that Oprah said about makeovers. Her comment was that the most important thing about a makeover was how it makes a person feel. How true that is!

Have you ever seen a woman who feels great about herself? It really shows! Why, because she absolutely shines. Her confidence is in every move she makes and in every thing she does. She turns people’s heads with her sparkle. She exudes an energy that is very alive and vivacious.

How does this have anything to do with spirituality? Let me share some of my beliefs about that. Women on a spiritual journey are constantly seeking to connect with divine energy. They are also growing in knowledge of themselves and their relationship to their divine source. As they grow they literally give themselves a spiritual makeover.

Unlike a makeover that is surface only this does take time. Our spiritual journeys have the benefit of teaching us to nurture ourselves. Nurturing ourselves includes taking care of ourselves in all ways. We care for our bodies, our minds, our spirits. We live in a way that is holistically healthy. Or at least we live more and more that way! Like I said, it takes time!

Our connection to the divine also leads us to one of our greatest teachers, nature. We begin to be more in tune with the cycles of life, the seasons, growing cycles and live in a compatible way with nature. We are not at war with nature or with our own cycles and it shows.

The divine spark within (which I call Goddess) fills us up with a light that is luminously beautiful. We glow with this beauty the more that we connect with our source. The more we learn, the more we grow, the greater our glow shines out to the world around us.

Just think of walking your spiritual path as your magic of co-creating yourself with your divine source. For me I work with the Goddess/es to design my life so that I live joyfully in the present and plan for the future while remaining flexible for synchronistic events and moments. I begin my days by connecting with Goddess and with nature and by asking how I can be of service to Her today! She, in turn, awakens that divine spark so that I can fulfill my purpose. She is the energy that causes me to shine!

Now, don’t believe that every day is perfect! It’s not! I find, though, that the longer I walk my path the more I experience true joy each day! As long as I am connected the spark of the divine Goddess is awake and alive in my life! And because of this, I sparkle! And, I really like to sparkle!!!