A Few Small Changes Can Make All The Difference!

Recently I listened to a great interview with an expert on Feng Shui. What I learned spurred me on to make a couple of small changes in my living room.  Now, those changes were few and many would consider them small but for me one change in particular was not so small. I had to let go of two pieces of furniture that were my grandmothers and that I had held onto for years. This was not easy! Even realizing that by keeping them I was blocking my front door somewhat and decreasing the energy flow in my living room. In essence, creating a block. These two units also held some art that I had no idea where to put once the units were gone.

Well, I did it! I let them go and found a place for what I really loved. We also made a couple of other changes. We hung our TV on the wall. I bought a new round coffee table and we moved a rug from one room into the Living Room. I also made the entryway look beautiful with some gorgeous fresh flowers in a beautiful vase. I did all this after really cleaning the room and everything that was in it. You know, Spring Cleaning!

When this was done I stepped back and took it all in. Wow!!! My Living Room was transformed. What was, brief moments ago, cluttered, not real attractive, and stuck in energy was absolutely transformed. It was pulled together in a way that says sit, relax, enjoy! My Living Room was a thing of beauty and the energy just flowed!  All this from a few small changes. I have been living with the changes in my Living Room for almost a week now and as I looked around it occured to me how much like our spiritual work this is.

Sometimes just a few small changes on our interior landscape can make all the difference in the world.  It can be life-changing! Just as we cleanse ourselves physically we can cleanse ourselves spiritually. How? We can consciously release our blocks and stuckness. We can release any negative thoughts and patterns, also. While this may not be as easily said as done, it is transformative. For a start, we can use smudging to begin to clear ourselves of negative vibrations/energies. Once we have done that I recommend something very simple. Affirmations can bring about a major shift in ourselves. Over time affirmations can change our lives. Standing in front of a mirror and affirming to yourself that “I am a beautiful Goddess and I deserve every good thing!” may sound silly to begin with but do it for a lunar cycle (27-28days) and see how changed you feel. Also, affirming to yourself that you are releasing such and such a block for this length of time also creates major change. Honestly, you really don’t need to stand in front of a mirror for this. Just affirm what you want to be true or what you want to release and keep doing it! Like magick, you will see a definite change! Over time when using this as a tool your life will change and you will sparkle! What’s more people will notice and you will affect their lives as well!

So my action word for today is:



About ladyisisrose ~ authentic-goddess.com

I am a spiritual practitioner and priestess in my community. I am an expert on Goddess Spirituality. I believe in encouraging women to empower. themselves, I am also author of "Witch in the Neighborhood" which focuses on being a woman of power in your community. I feel very strongly about not isolating ourselves and working your magick in you neighborhood communities. "Witch in the Neighborhood" also describes how you can use your gifts and talents to make a difference and have lots of fun! The artwork in "Witch in the Neighborhood" is by Sabrina, The Ink Witch, my mentor and priestess. I am also writing a quarterly column 'The Goddess In Me' for The Witches' Hour a national e-zine.

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