A Rainy Moonday!


Woke up to a rainy day today! I love it! The Goddess has watered my beautiful gardens once again! Besides nuturing my flowers, herbs and trees She has done a lovely spring cleaning of the outdoors. Everything sparkles! I look outside and see all this sparkly clean freshness and it brings my thoughts to how clean is everything inside.

By inside I mean in my home and also within myself. Yes, it’s spring cleaning time! I am reminded of the way my mother cleaned everything inside and out scouring and polishing and changing linens (we lived up north and had summer and winter draperies and such) until things literally shone they were so clean!

Today, was a beginning for me. As I chatted on the phone with a friend I thoroughly cleaned my refrigerator until it sparkled! There is nothing worse that eating food from a dirty refrigerator! I went grocery shopping and placed all I bought within and felt a great satisfaction at a job well done.

I love my home and I want it to be beautiful so as I clean everything up this spring I set my intention for all kinds of good things. I choose to bring love, good health, joy, laughter, prosperity and all the abundance the universe has to offer. I choose for my home to be my palace. I am a Queen, after all! My home needs to reflect all that I want to bring into my life and into my family’s life. I want my home to be a major part of the magick that I live daily!

That brings me too, well myself! What do I look like on the inside? Have I walked my path, my talk and created a beautiful interior! Am I reflecting the Goddess and living like a true Queen, with honor and dignity.  Am I really seeing my hands as the Goddess’s hands and am I ser1ving Her with every ounce of my being? Who is this Queen and does she shine and sparkle?  Am I loving and compassionate? Am I living with wisdom? How can I freshen myself?

One of the ways I daily freshen myself is by beginning my day with a daily devotion. This includes a prayer at my altar, lighting a candle, making an incense offering, and taking time to listen, to meditate. I have asked Goddess how I can serve Her today. What would She have me do, say, etc.  Throughout my day I take mini-moments with the Goddess, checking in to listen and to talk to Her. I am observant and aware so I don’t miss any messages She might have for me.

Now I have to say that I am not perfect but this really makes a difference in my day! Keeping connected to Goddess helps me to stay fresh and sparkly!  It helps me to have true joy in my life! I am connected to my source and ever growing more a part of Her and the Universe. I, with Her help, am ever becoming one with Her. As a Queen and as Her priestess this is an integral part of my walk!

And, you know what, it also helps to go dance in the rain!  This is something I love doing! I go out in my garden and dance my heart out to my Goddess and this is another offering! Talk about spring cleaning yourself! After this I feel fresh and clean and yes, sparkly! Try it sometime! Go dancing in the rain and make that your prayer and your magick!

Bright Blessings and may you sparkle!

Donna aka Lady Isis Rose


About ladyisisrose ~ authentic-goddess.com

I am a spiritual practitioner and priestess in my community. I am an expert on Goddess Spirituality. I believe in encouraging women to empower. themselves, I am also author of "Witch in the Neighborhood" which focuses on being a woman of power in your community. I feel very strongly about not isolating ourselves and working your magick in you neighborhood communities. "Witch in the Neighborhood" also describes how you can use your gifts and talents to make a difference and have lots of fun! The artwork in "Witch in the Neighborhood" is by Sabrina, The Ink Witch, my mentor and priestess. I am also writing a quarterly column 'The Goddess In Me' for The Witches' Hour a national e-zine.

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