Another Beautiful Morning In South Florida!


Another Beautiful Morning in South Florida

 As I woke up this morning I already new this was going to be a beautiful day. I did what I always do which is step outside, in my garden, to greet the day. With daylight savings time here, it was still dark but the beginnings of sunrise were in the sky. Rose colored streaks glowed and light began to shimmer in the morning sky. I wasn’t the only one waking up there was the song of several birds all chiming in at once. The day was beginning!

 I walked back inside and put up my coffee. While waiting for the coffee to brew I went back out to my garden to enjoy the sights and sounds of morning. I see signs of Spring all around me, yes, even in my Florida garden. So many plants are beginning to bloom and I know soon my garden will be a riot of color and scents. The Spring Equinox, or what we pagans call Ostara, will soon be here! We will be celebrating life’s new beginning and rebirth. The land is surely showing that right now for us. (For those up north still braving the cold know that Spring is around the corner for you, too!).

 I stroll around my garden sending energy to all the plants, herbs, and trees, I observe the signs of their growth. What is in bud and what is in blossom. I do a little weeding here, a little trimming and pruning there tending to those that need care. And then, I go back in for my coffee!

 With coffee in hand I begin my devotions. I thank Goddess for this brand new day. I light my candles and an incense offering and connect in my own way with my Goddesses and with the Universe. Then, of course, back to the garden.

 While out there I am reminded of a world that has changed drastically over the past few days and before that as well. There has been flooding and earthquakes and tsunamis. As if this is not enough, consequently, there have been meltdowns (partial or otherwise) at the nuclear energy facilities in Japan. I read, just yesterday, that another consequence of all this is that the earth has shifted on its axis! I feel like we live in a world gone mad!

 What do we do in these times when disaster is at every turn? We keep on living! I am not saying ignore what is happening but we must continue to live our lives. We can give aid where we can. We can pray, perform rituals, work magick, send healing energy, etc. But we really have to continue to live. If we were to stop living our lives we do no good to or for anyone. This has been a wake up call for us that at any time our lives can change drastically yet we must continue to live! Let us learn and grow and support each other on this journey while we continue to live!

 I have been working at my altar for healing, peace, comfort, protection and anything else I can think of for the people affected by the disaster in Japan. I have been asking my Goddesses and the major Goddess of Japan, Amaterasu, for their help and if I have missed anything I ask them to take care of that, too! And yet, I am continuing to go on with my life. I am enjoying this beautiful spring morning even while praying for Japan and our beloved planet. I continue to work on my business, Authentic-Goddess. I continue to research for my book. I continue to lead my coven and to take care of myself, my pets, my home, and my garden. Life is going on and I continue to live it!

 I started this blog not quite sure where it was headed and I conclude it with a challenge for myself and for all of you out there. Live life, live it beautifully, enjoy it all the while being mindful of what is happening around our planet. Give aid where you can, shelter where you can, pray, work magick, ritualize, whatever it is that you do but Live! And, be thankful for everything! Live in gratitude for what you have and even for what you don’t have. Enjoy your family, friends, other people around you and be grateful! Thank Goddess and God, or just God, or Buddha, or Allah, or Mary, or Jesus! Just be thankful!

 As I end this blog I do so with tears coming down my face because I am so thankful to the Lady and the Lord for all the beauty and goodness I have! I am so touched by all that is going on in the world and I wish with all my heart that things will get better for all of us on this planet particularly for the people of Japan and for all people who are suffering the disasters that have recently happened. May life improve greatly for all! May there be peace, comfort, healing, love, and protection for those who need it so desperately!!! So Mote It Be!

 Blessed Be


About ladyisisrose ~

I am a spiritual practitioner and priestess in my community. I am an expert on Goddess Spirituality. I believe in encouraging women to empower. themselves, I am also author of "Witch in the Neighborhood" which focuses on being a woman of power in your community. I feel very strongly about not isolating ourselves and working your magick in you neighborhood communities. "Witch in the Neighborhood" also describes how you can use your gifts and talents to make a difference and have lots of fun! The artwork in "Witch in the Neighborhood" is by Sabrina, The Ink Witch, my mentor and priestess. I am also writing a quarterly column 'The Goddess In Me' for The Witches' Hour a national e-zine.

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