A Ritual to Juno and for all Women!

Juno, Queen of Heaven

I promised you all a ritual to Juno! Juno is the Queen of Heaven of the Roman pantheon of gods. She is also a Goddess of Women and it is in that area that the following ritual is. Earlier in the week it was the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day so this ritual is so appropriate!
All you need is a peacock blue or white candle, incense of your choice, and three peacock feathers.

Light your incense and encircle your sacred space with it.

Simply create sacred space as you normally do or create space with this simple circle casting starting at the east, then south, then west, then north and back to center:

“By the air that is Her sweet breathe, By the fire that is Her Passionate will, By the water that is Her loving emotions, By the earth that is Her beautiful body, and By the spirit which connects all, I cast this sacred circle! May the blessings of Juno be upon my sacred space and on this Her child!”

Light your peacock blue or white candle

Take your peacock feathers and place around your candle.

Invoke Juno
“Heya Juno, Hail to the Queen of Heaven. I call out to you from within and without to grace my sacred space with your royal presence!
Goddess that rules over women and Goddesses honor me with your magickal energy. Share with me your wisdom and let me feel your presence within my circle and within my body, mind and spirit!
I honor you and welcome you to my circle!

Now settle into your breathe and feel Her presence. Listen for Her teaching and guidance. Juno comes into this modern world and is there for us as modern women just as She was there for women in ancient times. After listening to Her for a while ask Her your questions if you have any and listen again!

After the meditation ask Juno to bless and protect you and all women in your own words. Then thank Her (again in your own words) and open your circle.

You can use this to do so begin at the north, then west, then south, then east and back to the center:

“By the earth that is Her beautiful body, by the water that is Her loving emotions, by the fire of Her passionate spirit, by the air that is Her sweet breathe, and by the spirit that connects all things , I open this sacred circle! May I always stand in the presence of Juno!” 

 Leave the peacock feathers on your altar as an offering to Her.

Enjoy! And remember to journal your experiences.


About ladyisisrose ~ authentic-goddess.com

I am a spiritual practitioner and priestess in my community. I am an expert on Goddess Spirituality. I believe in encouraging women to empower. themselves, I am also author of "Witch in the Neighborhood" which focuses on being a woman of power in your community. I feel very strongly about not isolating ourselves and working your magick in you neighborhood communities. "Witch in the Neighborhood" also describes how you can use your gifts and talents to make a difference and have lots of fun! The artwork in "Witch in the Neighborhood" is by Sabrina, The Ink Witch, my mentor and priestess. I am also writing a quarterly column 'The Goddess In Me' for The Witches' Hour a national e-zine.

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