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Queenly Inspiration – The Support Of My Goddess Sisters!


For seven years I have been High Priestess of Enchanted Rose Moon Circle, a coven of women. I have given and received support for all of those years. It amazes me that as the years go on we become ever more. More magickal, more connected, more loving, more supportive, more creative, etc. I am sure you get the picture.

My coven has been very instrumental in where and even who I am today. Without their support I certainly would have grown but not nearly as much as I have. The support of my coven sisters has helped to bring about a confidence and love for myself that would have taken much longer to develop. I am able to live a magickal life because I have grown into a confident woman who loves herself.  The love and support of my coven sisters have so helped with that. Thank you, my sisters!

My other women friends(which includes you, Karen!), many of whom I have known for Goddess knows how many years, have been with me in good times and bad, sad and joyful times. They have shared birthdays, the birth of my children, the death of my parents and grandparents, holidays, social events, weddings and on and on and on! I could not have lived the life I have had it not been for these women in my life. I know that you know what I am talking about! These women are treasures and Queens to me! Thank you, my friends!

Most recently I joined a Goddess circle. I joined because I thought it would give me inspiration for my new business, Authentic-Goddess. Well, it has! But it has done much, much more! It has inspired me personally, it has thrilled me, it has encouraged me, it has made me smile many times a day. Basically it has made me feel like a Queen. Thank you ladies! Thank you, Leonie!

I have felt for many years that my life’s purpose is to encourage women to empower themselves. I try to do that every day. It is an awesomely powerful and beautiful feeling to be loved and cherished by the women in your life. Only women can truly share and empathize with other women. My coven sisters, my friends and my Goddess circle have made me feel like a Queen! I want to share that feeling and pass it on!

I cannot finish without honoring the Goddess, from whom all things come! She has been a driving force in my later years. She has been with me and encouraged me like no other on earth or otherwise! I receive gifts from Her every minute of every day! She is my inspiration, my muse, my creativity! I love because She has loved me! She has bestowed upon me Queen-Hood and made me Royalty because I am born of Her! Thank you, My Lady!

Blessed Be!


The Feast of Ovens


Musings on the Goddess

Fornax– Roman Godess of Ovens



The Ancient Romans have been portrayed as a very decadent people but contrary to popular belief they were a religious people believing and honoring many gods. It seems they had a god for everything under the Sun and for every purpose! One of these Goddesses was Fornax the Goddess of Ovens.

 Around this time of year (February 5th  through the 17th) ancient Roman people celebrated the Fornacalia in honor of Fornax. Bread (spelt) was baked and given as gifts to others and to Fornax. The ovens were warming homes and filling the air with fragrant breads and baked goods.

 In honor of the Fornacalia I am conscious of what I am baking in my oven not only my physical oven but the metaphorical oven of my spiritual life and mundane or more physical life. Well, I’m not baking bread but I am roasting my veggies and baking cakes for celebration. In my spiritual life I am concentrating on really bringing forth that Queen aspect of the Goddess that I have discussed in past blogs. I have Juno to thank for really giving me a jump start on that growth! In the more physical realm I am researching and taking notes for my book on the Roman Goddesses and I am working on my new business – Authentic – Goddess. I am also guiding my coven into our new year with all the potential and possibilities we have available this is an exciting time for me, for my business and book, and for my coven.

So, what is baking in your oven? How can you honor the Feast of Ovens and the Goddess Fornax or just the universe? Bake away!

 And as always – GO, BE, DO!!!

A Gift From The Goddess


Devotions then Meditation. During  meditation I invited Juno, Queen of Heaven and of women to have morning coffee with me. This powerful Goddess loves to visit with Her daughter and She loves coffee. Of course! She’s a Roman Goddess!

We chatted about general things like how beautiful a morning it was and how beautiful my Goddess garden is. Then I asked Juno what was really weighing on my heart. I asked this powerful Goddess how to conquer my fears about my goals for the coming year. This year is so full of potential and possibilities! I am working on two major projects. First, I am writing my second book (which includes Juno, by the way) and I am currently planning and working on opening my own Goddess Spirituality business.

Immediately upon finishing with my questions Juno opened  Her hand and a white cube shaped box magickally appeared. The box had a beautiful red bow on it. I opened the box with delight excited to see my gift from Juno! What had this most powerful Goddess given me? Inside the box amidst tissue paper of spun silk was a three-dimensional bright red heart. The heart had a keyhole but no key.

I asked Juno, “Where is the key?” She answered with a smile and sparkle in Her eyes. “You are the Key! You have all you need, to unlock your fears and walk into courage and your wonderful projects, within you. You can do this! I am here and I will help. I will also be your biggest cheerleader and fan. So, Go, Be, Do! Reach for the Stars!”

Juno finished Her coffee and arose from Her chair. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Daughter, I love you.” With that She vanished. I had tears streaming from my eyes and shivers all over. My heart was warm and vibrant with joy! Nothing like a Goddess telling you She loves you to make your day!