Finding the Authentic Goddess Within


Another Musing on the Goddess

 Good Moonday morning! While on facebook this morning I was floored by a picture posted. This picture captured my mind and heart and literally made my spirit soar. You see, it was a picture of the clouds over the poster’s house. In the clouds was a being of light so spectacular it took my breath away! This being of light looked like a Goddess with rainbow hair. She was above the earth looking down as if watching over us all. Might this be Iris, the Goddess of rainbows? If so, this will be a magnificent day and week, and since it’s in January, it will be a fabulous year! I choose to believe that that’s exactly what it is!

 Moonday, is a Goddess day! Since the association with the moon is clear it’s a good day to break through illusions. Above I spoke about a revelation of Goddess without, now let’s move on to Goddess within. Who is this Goddess within. Well, She is literally all of us. Thou art Goddess, as we say in our lunar and seasonal celebrations. Within each of us is a spark of the divine and that spark is Goddess. We are all Her magickal children. Female and male alike. We are all divine and worthy of all that is good. We are all powerful beings with unlimited potential!

 A first step to the realization of this is to begin to know ourselves, to explore exactly who we are in terms of this  divineness. Look in the mirror and See the Goddess! Know the ins and outs of your personality. Discover yourself! What are your beliefs, your likes, your dislikes? What are your morals, values and ethics? What do you like about yourself (make sure you come up with at least nine things)? What don’t you like about yourself (no more than three things)? Then make a choice to love yourself with all that you are (because you are the Goddess’s magickal child). With the things you don’t like, make a choice to release, change, or accept. Then on to the things we like, how can we enhance these and make these grow? This is work we can do at any time of our lives! It’s never to late!

 The important thing is to see truth when looking! It’s even more important to come from a place of loving yourself!

 So again, I say, GO, Be, Do!

 Let your beautiful potential shine! Let your Goddess out!

 Brightest Blessings on this Beautiful Moonday!

 Donna aka Lady Isis Rose


About ladyisisrose ~

I am a spiritual practitioner and priestess in my community. I am an expert on Goddess Spirituality. I believe in encouraging women to empower. themselves, I am also author of "Witch in the Neighborhood" which focuses on being a woman of power in your community. I feel very strongly about not isolating ourselves and working your magick in you neighborhood communities. "Witch in the Neighborhood" also describes how you can use your gifts and talents to make a difference and have lots of fun! The artwork in "Witch in the Neighborhood" is by Sabrina, The Ink Witch, my mentor and priestess. I am also writing a quarterly column 'The Goddess In Me' for The Witches' Hour a national e-zine.

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