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Juno – Queen of Heaven


Juno - Queen of Heaven (Roman Pantheon)

I have been consumed with the Goddess Juno of late!  This is a good thing because I am currently researching and planning for my second book.  My book will be concerned with the Roman Goddesses of which Juno is a part. She is the Queen of Heaven of the Roman pantheon of gods. I have been experiencing many things that I consider serendipitous. Juno has as one of  Her symbols and animals, the peacock. Well, as you may have guessed I have been inundated with peacocks for the past two months. I have been seeing peacocks, buying a peacock ornament, and being given peacocks by people and by a store that I shop in. Coincidence?! Not at all! Serendipity, absolutely!

Are the gods aware of us? I believe this is so. Even if you consider them to be universal energy this makes their energy no less aware or valid. Is the universe and Juno validating my project. Yes! Am I encouraged? For sure! I like to think that all that has been happening of late is Her way of saying GO FOR IT! I believe that She is honored by my work and that she wants to particpate in encouraging and validating it.

So, I will tell the story of Juno and Her daughters and sister Goddesses. I will bring them back into our modern world by honoring them myself and sharing their stories and rituals with others in the world. I will put to bed the reputation that was wrongly given to Juno by patriarchal pagan religions. I will show Her and the other Roman Goddesses to be the powerful, multi-faceted Goddesses that they really are!

I might even share some tidbits here! So keep stopping by! In the meantime don’t let life pass you by.



Finding the Authentic Goddess Within


Another Musing on the Goddess

 Good Moonday morning! While on facebook this morning I was floored by a picture posted. This picture captured my mind and heart and literally made my spirit soar. You see, it was a picture of the clouds over the poster’s house. In the clouds was a being of light so spectacular it took my breath away! This being of light looked like a Goddess with rainbow hair. She was above the earth looking down as if watching over us all. Might this be Iris, the Goddess of rainbows? If so, this will be a magnificent day and week, and since it’s in January, it will be a fabulous year! I choose to believe that that’s exactly what it is!

 Moonday, is a Goddess day! Since the association with the moon is clear it’s a good day to break through illusions. Above I spoke about a revelation of Goddess without, now let’s move on to Goddess within. Who is this Goddess within. Well, She is literally all of us. Thou art Goddess, as we say in our lunar and seasonal celebrations. Within each of us is a spark of the divine and that spark is Goddess. We are all Her magickal children. Female and male alike. We are all divine and worthy of all that is good. We are all powerful beings with unlimited potential!

 A first step to the realization of this is to begin to know ourselves, to explore exactly who we are in terms of this  divineness. Look in the mirror and See the Goddess! Know the ins and outs of your personality. Discover yourself! What are your beliefs, your likes, your dislikes? What are your morals, values and ethics? What do you like about yourself (make sure you come up with at least nine things)? What don’t you like about yourself (no more than three things)? Then make a choice to love yourself with all that you are (because you are the Goddess’s magickal child). With the things you don’t like, make a choice to release, change, or accept. Then on to the things we like, how can we enhance these and make these grow? This is work we can do at any time of our lives! It’s never to late!

 The important thing is to see truth when looking! It’s even more important to come from a place of loving yourself!

 So again, I say, GO, Be, Do!

 Let your beautiful potential shine! Let your Goddess out!

 Brightest Blessings on this Beautiful Moonday!

 Donna aka Lady Isis Rose

Who is the Queen(Goddess) and What does She have to do with Women today?


In Goddess Spirituality the Goddess is seen to have many aspects. These aspects hold certain characteristics and attributes as theirs; Juno is a wife and mother Goddess. She govern marriage and family and is also Mother of the Roman pantheon of Goddesses and Gods. Minerva, another Roman Goddess, governs the arts and war. She is considered a maiden Goddess.

One of the ways we most frequently identify the Goddess is in Her Maiden, Mother, Crone (Wise Woman) aspects. These aspects characterize stages in the Goddess’ and in women’s lives. So, who then is the Queen? In between each of these stages their are transitional stages. For Maiden to Mother the in between is the Temptress/Warrior. For Mother to Crone(Wise Woman) there is the Queen/Guardian.  This makes much more sense than Maiden Mother and Crone with no in between stages for who jumps from one major stage to another without making the journey from one to the other.

Let’s focus on the journey from Mother to Queen/Guardian to Crone (Wise Woman), specifically the Queen. As you can see from the aspect names the Queen has already gone through Her years as Mother. She has raised and nurtured children or careers and projects, or both. She has accumulated an enormous amount of knowledge, wisdom and experience in Her years. She knows what She knows and She knows how to use that knowledge. She has great worth and value and is an asset to family, friends and community. This is despite the fact that pupular culture adores youth and inexperience. Goddess Spirituality honors the woman in all stages of life.

Many Women/Queens are given or take on a new purpose and/or a new direction at this time in their lives. And why not?! This is a powerful woman and Goddess.  This is a leader, a guardian, a Queen! This is a powerful and creative time! It is an exciting time of new and endless possibilities! We can explore our passions and we have the knowledge and wisdom to know what to do with it! The world is open to us and we are open to the world.

Fo me; this stage opened a whole new world up. The purpose I was given and chose to take on was and is ‘To Encourage Women To Empower Themselves!” I have formed a women’s coven/circle honoring the Goddess and each other. We have been together for about seven years now and continue to grow and gain knowledge and wisdom. We delight in celebrating the Goddess and Her seasons together. We encourage and support one another and look forward to more years together.

For you; I encourage those of you in this special and powerful time to allow your Queen to blossom. Embrace this stage and allow it to embrace you! This is a vibrant and sexy time! Allow noone to tell you that you are too old to begin anew! What are your passions? your dreams? your wishes? What do you love doing more than anything else? Explore this!

Then Go, Be, and Do!

Be the Queen that You are!!!


One more gift!



For your enjoyment!

Musings on the Goddess


Look into the eyes of Lilith and know that you have met a Goddess of great power! Primordial Mother, Goddess, Demoness, Sorceress, Seductress, Queen of Witches, Child Killer, Beautiful Vampire; these names and more are all names associated with Lilith. Who is She and why does Her name generate such fear? For fear is certainly the way in which many patriarchal religions view Her!

There are several myths associated with Lilith. The most well known myth, written in the Talmud (non-biblical Jewish writings), is that Lilith was Adam’s first wife. This might account for the two creation stories in the Old Testament of the Judeo-Christian Bible. The story goes that Lilith and Adam, created together, lived in the Garden of Eden. Fast forward to a romantic evening in Eden and the couple are about to make love when everything goes awry. Adam expects that Lilith will be the one to take the bottom position. Well, Lilith is having none of that! She refuses to subjugate herself to Adam and flies away from the garden. Adam complains to Yahweh who sends angels after Her to bring Her back but She refuses, thus not subordinating Herself to Yahweh either. The said consequence being that She would lose one hundred of any children She bore every day. She was quite fertile!

Another myth tells us how Lilith obtained Her wings. She is said to have tricked Yahweh into telling Her his true name. We all know that once we have the true name of someone we gain power over them (many myths speak of this).

Lilith was also said to have slept with demons and created demon children and later still She actually slept with Adam and made demon children with him also (remember, the hundred children). According to myth Eve, Adam’s second wife, also bore his children but her children were human not demons. Patriarchal mythology tells us that Lilith out of rage, for the imposed consequences of leaving Adam and not allowing Yahweh to dominate Her, killed human babies especially males.

How is Lilith’s story relevant to us, especially to women? I can explain that by going back to my childhood years in a traditional Italian family. I was raised in a family where the traditional roles in marriage and family were the norm. The husband and father was the law in any family that I was close to including my own. The wife and mother took care of the children and the home, and of course the husband, too! The husband’s word was “law”. A comment often heard in my home was “This is a dictatorship, not a democracy!” Getting slightly off track, I have to say that my father was definitely not as bad as some. He was a loving father (as many Italian fathers are), a committed husband, hard worker, the life of any party, etc. My dad was pretty young, too, only 19 years older than I, his first child. Yet, still, in our home he definitely ruled his castle. A frequent scene in our family,  at any celebration, saw the men sitting first at the dinner table with the women serving and then joining them. Afterwards the women cleared and cleaned up before yet again serving coffee and dessert. The men did not lift a finger to help most of the time.

Here’s how Lilith is relevant to us… She is an empowering force for any woman to draw upon. Her unwillingness to be subordinate to Adam and Her ability to persist in doing what is right for Her is something we can all use as an example for our own lives. She is a force for us to use in our lives so that we may stand on our own or in partnership with our significant other, not in a hierarchical relationship. We do not have to accept the traditional roles..  

Lilith was demonized for Her power and strength. Might we also be demonized? Maybe, though these are different times. If so, we can use the strength She offers and the magick of this Primordial Mother to stand steady as the rock on the earth.

As Sorceress, Lilith knew the power in a name. Yes, names have power, so does knowledge! It is important that as women we know who our partners are.  Not only is this good for the relationship it also keeps us safe. We can call upon Lilith’s energy and wisdom for guidance! One of Her animals is the Night owl or Screech owl. She is certainly wise like the owl (screech owl or not) and if you hear Her screech you might want to take heed!

Child Killer? Well, we know how much history and mythology has been rewritten over time. Maybe She just killed a lot of childish, egotistical dreams! Lilith had the guts to walk away from a situation that was wrong for Her, thereby slaughtering Adam’s hopes of having power over Her!

With all this power, Lilith is still female! She is sexy, We know this because one of Her names is Seductress. Strength and power do not negate being feminine and sexy, they are part of it! Lilith again sets the tone for us! We can be sexy and powerful! She lets us know that we have the right to choose what we want and that we can expect to get it!

Lilith is a worthwhile study project for anyone interested. I said in the beginning of this article that there are many myths associated with Her. So here’s a tickler; Lilith was also said to be the shadow side of Adam! How is this so, you might ask yourself…..


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A Goddess Gift For All



Here is a Goddess article that I had published in Pagan Pulse magazine. Enjoy!

Musings on the Goddess


Two halves of a whole or two separate deities and does it matter?

I can think of no more worthy a Goddess to write about, at the inception of our newsletter, than Isis. This Goddess of Ten Thousand Names who is so multi-faceted that it will take me an eternity to scratch the surface of all that She is. When we know just some of Her names we begin to realize how all-encompassing the Goddess Isis really is. Here are a few of those names: All-bounteous, All-seeing, Amenti – The Hidden One, Ankhet – Producer and Giver of Life, Daughter of Nut and of Geb, Daughter of Ra, Divine Mother, Great Goddess of the Underworld, Green Goddess, Great Sorceress who Heals, Isis-Fortuna, Lady of Beauty, Lady of Bees, Meri-Isis as Sea-Goddess, Mistress of All the Elements, Mistress of Eternity, Mistress of the Earth, Name of the Sun, Panthea-The All Goddess, Power That Heals the World, Salvatrix of Sailors, Savior, Selene-The Moon, etc. The list goes on and on.

Isis was born of Nut and Geb, earth god and sky goddess, Her brothers were Osiris and Seth, Her sister was Nephthys. It is said that Isis and Osiris fell in love while still in Nut’s womb and were later married, happily so. On the other hand, Nephthys and Seth were also married but not so happily. Seth out of jealousy murdered Osiris and so begins the story of Isis’ journey to restore life to Her beloved.

Why was Seth jealous? Was it because while Isis and Osiris marriage was a happy one, His marriage to Nephthys was filled with misery? Did his unhappiness have anything to do with Nephthys tricking Osiris into bed by pretending to be and disguising herself as Isis? Or, was it the shame of Nephthys bearing a child (Anubis or Anpu) of Osiris? Any one of these would be reason enough for some to kill over.

As I ponder the stories of Isis and Osiris and Nephthys and Seth, I naturally draw the conclusion that these divine couples are total opposites. In their lives we see Isis and Osiris as in love, happy, full of light and goodness, caring for those who worship them. On the other hand, we see Seth and Nephthys as not in love, extremely unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives and with each other. Seth’s murdering Osiris proves that!

My thoughts journey a bit more and I ask the question: Are Isis and Osiris, Seth and Nepthys literally separate deities? Or, do Osiris and Seth represent the light and dark sides of the same God? Are Isis and Nephthys two halves of a whole? You see in thinking on these divine couples and reflecting on their stories I come to see that in their opposite natures they show the light and shadow sides of those natures, much like we as people display a light and dark (shadow) side of ourselves.

As a priestess of Isis I have experienced Her loving, nurturing and guiding sides. I have also known Her harsher side. She can certainly be tough when She needs to be. She doesn’t hold back if a lesson needs to be learned or something needs to get done. She can give a swift kick with the best of them and better than most! Is this so because of the duality of being Isis-Nepthys?  As the Goddess Isis is said to be all Goddesses or to contain all Goddesses within Herself this certainly seems possible.

Consider this, Nephthys it is said helped Isis to gather the different parts of Osiris after Seth murdered Him. She also helped to put Him back together and to resurrect Him. Nephthys  allies Herself with Isis against Seth in protecting Horus after He is born. Is Isis so forgiving of Her sister that She is able to put it all aside and accept Nephthys’ help? Isis is definitely a forgiving Goddess! Or, is it that Isis in Her sorrows and hardships grows to be at one with Her darker or shadow side? Thinking further; Nepthys is said to have abandoned Her son, by Osiris, Anubis, in the wilderness. Who found him and raised him? Isis! Anubis is also credited with helping Isis to find Osiris’ body parts and put him back together. Is this because Isis was actually His mother, not just His aunt? Is the story of Anubis being left in the wilderness more a story of an emotional detachment on the part of Isis for this son of Hers, just after the birth?

Do the Gods not grow and evolve? Is Isis coming more into Herself by accepting Her shadow self (Nephthys)? Prior to this, I stated that many consider Isis to contain all Goddesses within Herself or to be all Goddesses. Her names certainly point to that belief. It is certainly possible, then, that Isis and Nephthys can be two halves of a whole or at least that Nephthys is a part of Isis.

Does this Matter to Us? I believe it does. In our musings and reflections we begin to get to know this magnificent Goddess. Simple though this theory may be it is necessary so that we might move on to the greater complexities of the Goddess Isis. In the years of being Her priestess, I have reflected on and seen many of Her sides. As I said earlier, it will take me a lifetime just to scratch the surface of this Goddess of Ten Thousand Names. It is through our questions and our seeking that we learn. I look forward to many years ahead of learning about my patroness and of honoring Her in all Her aspects.

Tu a atu

Tu a atu

Nebet Aset!

Hello world!


Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!o co

Merry Meet!

I am Lady Isis Rose priestess and spiritual practitioner in my community. I am also an expert on Goddess spirituality. My mission is to encourage women in their Queen to Wise Women stages of life. When we reach this point in our lives we have learned many valuable lessons and acquired many tools that enrich our lives! We also are at a time and place in our lives that a connection to the feminine divine is extremely important. Our culture values not the older wiser women but she is a person of extreme value and can do very important work because of the knowledge and tools she has. She is the Queen, the Wise Woman.

Let’s explore this. Come with me on a journey that taps into the power of the Divine Feminine. Feel your power. Grow, expand, and reach for the stars (or the Star Goddess!). In upcoming posts I will share how to tap into that power that we all as Queens have.

Brightest Blessings,

Lady Isis Rose